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All Systems - Network Maintenance

The Navy DSRC is informing its User base of an upcoming DREN maintenance period on Tuesday, 12 October 2021, from 0000 CT (0500Z) to 0600 CT (1100Z).

A Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) will be performing permanent repairs to the Fiber cut that occurred on September 18 which caused a full 24 hour outage at the Navy DSRC for the DREN connections. Currently a temporary fix is in place above ground, and that needs to be removed. All external Network access to the Navy DSRC on DREN will be affected. A 3 hour outage is forecasted over the 6 hour period.

PBS batch jobs on the HPE 8600 HPC Clusters, Koehr, Gaffney, and Durham, as well as the Cray EX system Narwhal will continue to process.

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